5 bad remote work habits

In today’s generation remote work has become increasingly popular. I mean who doesn’t like to work from home? Imagine how peaceful it sounds. You are working from home and at the same time you can manage to perform several other functions. Cook whatever you want, take a nap if you feel like sleeping in the middle of the work. Especially when it comes to writing you need to find perfect environment to gain inspiration and ideas out of it. However, working in office means you have to look at exact same wall everyday. Yet working from home means you can go out to different places and can find a lot of creativity around you.
Besides all these and many other good factors of remote work there are many other poor habits that is caused only when you are working from home and need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

1) Solitude
As a writer, I know how important it is to find a secluded place which is free of all types of distractions. However, socially isolating yourself is not a very good idea. We all are well aware of the fact that how important it is for us to keep on having interaction with people.
A scientific study shows what great damage isolation can cause to your health which includes cardiovascular disease and dementia.
To prevent this from happening, look for a partner to converse with and work together.This will help you enlighten your ideas too.

2) over eating
Sitting on the exact same place, all focused on your work, struggling to find inspiration and guess what? Here you started munching again. No you were not hungry, you took your lunch few minutes back, you were just bored and for a change you started snacking again.
Well that is pretty common. We eat when we are hungry, bored and when we have nothing to do but that is not a very healthy habit. If you are an office worker, you are already well aware of the timings you are allowed to eat but that is not the case if you arre working from home. You can eat whenever and whatever you want without any restrictions which can ruin your health.
Try replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks which will help you overcome your craving and will make your health even better.

3) Work and tea
I, myself is a fan of tea. Working without tea is almost impossible for me. However consuming too much tea or coffee is actually a bad idea due to the excess of caffeine. I know I’m not the only one who can’t work without having a cup of tea so that is why I found an alternative of this which will not ruin our health in any way.
Replace your regular tea with grean tea after each meal. Research shows how beneficial green tea is for health. However, if you have stomach ulcer, I’ll suggest you to avoid it as it increases acidity.

4) work life vs personal life
Where remote work is full of benefits, it can actually mess up your personal life.
For an office job, you have to work for 6 or 9 hours a day, yet working from home means engaging yourself completely without any intervals.
It’s not that of a big deal to give yourself break from work. All you’ve to do is set your own time limits. Bearing this in mind that you’ve a life too, do not submerge yourself completely in work. Set up an alarm, complete your work by the deadline you gave to yourself.
This will help you in finding time for yourself and for your loved ones and will be a great help in building a better content.

5) All-nighter
Pulled another all-nighter because working at night is better than day time as no one is awake to distract you but have you ever wondered what it’s doing to your health and how rapidly it’s making your life span shorter?
Focusing on your work is a great thing, in contrast making sure to be healthy can help you more in performing well. So instead of working till late night start working early morning after doing some morning workout with a cup of green tea. I’m pretty sure, working in the morning will give you better inspiration as compared to the working at night.

Believe me! It is not that hard to overcome your bad habits if you are actually willing to do so. Learn to takecare of your health first then only you will be able to give your 100% to your work or else you will do everything with half heart which means you’re showing no respect towards yourself and towards your work.
I hope this blog will help you in detecting your bad remote-work habit and will be a guidance towards the elimination of these habits too.


This is why you should drink black coffee ☕️

Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee every day reduces the risk of stroke, Black coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, B5, Manganese, potassium and magnesium and it is loaded with antioxidant and nutrients. caffeine has numerous of health benefits which we are going to discuss here in this post…

get stick to this post to know how beneficial caffeine beans are for you…

there are two rules to make black coffee, first you don’t add sugar into it and second you must follow the first rule or else you are breaking the both

 Benefits of caffeine beans

  1. Drinking Black coffee everyday reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (disease which includes heart/blood vessel) and stroke as well.
  2. Black coffee is the powerhouse of antioxidants it reduces the level of inflammation in the body.
  3. Drinking black coffee 1hr before workout boosts up the level of physical performance.
  4. Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is your body’s “fight or flight” hormone which helps you to prepare for physical exertion.
  5. Caffeine helps anxiety and depression (if you are habitual to caffeine beverages, quitting can cause anxiety until your body adjusts)
  6. 7% of risk of diabetes is reduced by having a cup of black coffee everyday.
  7. Coffee is one of the drink that helps to loss weight.
  8. The best time to drink coffee is between 10:00am – noon and 2:00pm – 5:00pm.
  9. Drinking coffee lowers this risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  10. Drinking black coffee has a similar effect as going for a walk as it keeps your heart healthier.

as if you are not a coffee person then after knowing the numerous benefits you must have a cup of coffee everyday from now on, don’t forget to have a black one…

Strengthen your bones and make them flexible

It’s never too early to start taking a good care of your bones to keep ‘em healthy and active. For healthy bones make sure that you have enough amount of ‘calcium’ & ‘vitamin D’… vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium from the food we eat. our bones contain 99.5% of calcium that helps to keep osteoporosis at bay and studies prove that women aged 50 or older have a rate of osteoporosis 4 times higher than men, we start to lose bone mass as we turn 30.

So there are some things that you need to restrict and some things to add up in your daily routine for healthy, active and flexible bones…

Things that weakens your bones

Bone loss can also occur without an obvious injury sometimes our bones become fragile and starts losing its mass due to an improper diet and routine..

These are the things that you need to put restrictions on for strong bones.

1. Eating too much salt

2. Not exercising/working out/stretching

3. Too much exercising

4. Spending too much time in front of screen

5. Soda drinks/Alcohol

6. Smoking

7. Not eating fruits/vegetables

8. Having too much caffeine

9. Not having a relaxed mind/ stressed mind

7 ways for strong & flexible bones

1- Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in nutrients and is fortified with vitamin D. Eating a good amount of yogurt everyday boosts up bones health and lowers the risk of osteoporosis

2- Sun light

Sunlight is an important source for stronger bones. Sun helps your skin to make vitamin D, which is essential for absorption of calcium

3- less intake of dairy products/milk

As most of the people think that dairy products such as milk that are rich in calcium and are a good source to strengthen our bones but dairy products are also high in proteins that increases the acidity of blood, the body then pulls calcium out from the blood to neutralise the acid, so new studies show that in taking more dairy products may reduce the bone health and also increases the risk of fractures.

4- Fish/Tuna

Tuna, salmon and other type of fatty fishes holds bone boosting nutrients and are a best choice for healthy bones.

5- Green vegetables

Green veggies like cabbage,kale,collard green and turnip greens are the great choice for calcium intake. One cup of cooked turnip greens has about 300 mg of calcium that completes 20% of your daily goal and green veggies also contain vitamin K that reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

6- Spuds

Magnesium and potassium are rarely known nutrients that are essential for bones health. Eating a baked spud (medium size) with no salt is a healthy choice for your bones, it contains 31mg of magnesium and 542mg of potassium.


Stretching helps to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion, stretching helps to warm up the body and activates muscles, decreases the risk of injury as well as muscle soreness.

Foods that are healthy and taste too good

  • ‘Hello! Beauties’, hope you all are doing well in your lives… so today i am here to share some of the foods that taste like heaven and guess what? They are super healthy for you so satisfy your taste buds without cheating on your diet plan. Because eating healthy should never be boring.Eating healthy foods helps to maintain your body and lets you stay active and eating junk makes you feel lazy. So here are the some foods that would never let you go against your body’s health.
  • 1.Smoothie bowls
  • Smoothies are best! A perfect choice for healthy and yummy breakfast, smoothies are made purely of fruits / Vegetables adding soy milk or non fat dairies into it makes it wonderfully healthy and nutritious
  • 2.Oatmeal

Oatmeal are one of the healthiest grain on earth, oatmeal helps to reduce weight, lowers blood sugar level and also does reduce risk ok heart diseases. 1/2 cup of oatmeal with i cup of water / skim milk provides 150 calories and is a standard serving size of oatmeal

3.Nut butter

Nuts are the part of healthy and a well-balanced diet and so is nut butter too, it is best bang for your buck nutrition. Nut butter is rich in protein, lowers cholesterol and prevents diabetes.

4.Dark chocolates

Are you a chocoholic person? If yes,then don’t hesitate to add dark chocolates in your diet food. It contains more amount of antioxidants than any other known food it helps to improve brain functions, helps to loss weight and dark chocolates may also be a good source for you skin it protects you skin from sun.


Nutrients in fruits are perfect maintenance for your body, eating fruits help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, developing kidney stones and helps to decrease bone loss as you age. Fruits should be a must added thing in your everyday diet plan.

Loss around 5-8kg in a month

Hello, folks! Hope ya’ll enjoying your weekends… so here i am back again with something astounding, it is quite challenging to fight with your increasing fats, isn’t it..? Well! Only people with fat belly can get this..

Here is the drink that actually helps you in losing 5-8kg in a month

Orange infused tea

Orange infused tea is a healthy drink that doesn’t only helps to reduce weight but also helps to recover PCOS,cough,breath,thyroid,conceive,uterus,water retention & diabetes

So let’s get started with its preparation …


•4 inch raw turmeric

•1 inch ginger

•Curry leaves (small cup)

•1 tablespoon trachyspermum (Ajwain)

•3 inch cinnamon(wood)


•grind turmeric and ginger

•soak trachyspermum (ajwain) in water for atleast 1 hour before using it.

•use fresh and washed curry leaves


1. Take 1500 ml water (1.5 litter) boil it for around 10 min.

2. As water starts boiling add all above mentioned ingredients into it and boil it for 15-20 min at low flame, now strain out all the solution in a beaker

3. Now set the tea into freezer


* 100 ml early morning with empty stomach

* 100 ml right after 10 min of your lunch

* 100 ml before you go to sleep


•Keep orange infuse tea at room temperature before use

•Slightly heat it before drinking during menstruation.

•You can lose around 5 to 8 kg in one month by drinking it in exactly the same way it is prescribed take measurements of your body parts such as hips, chest, thighs and arm before drinking orange infuse tea, after a month your body will start losing excessive fat.