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The most mysterious and must visit places in the world

Hello! beautiful people, hope y’alls weekends are going fantastic, if you love to travel and explore places so this blog is for you… i’ll share some of the most mysterious and must visit places in the world, knowing about them you won’t be able to stop yourselves to go and visit them…

So here we go….!

1- Bioluminescence bay

As night falls on some of the beaches around the world, the waves glow with green and blue lights. It is amazing to see water shining and also when you get in and come out shining… there are only five bioluminescence bay in the world, the three of them are located in puerto rico, mosquito bah which is the most popular one located on the south shore of the island of vieques and the last one which is in la parguera.

2- Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis aka northern lights are one if the nature’s most spectacular phenomena, it is one of the amazing light display in the sky that can be observed during winters at night. The places to where you can see northern lights are..

•svalbard, Norway

•kakslauttanen, Finland

•jukksjarvi, Sweden

•Reykjavik, Iceland

•Northern canada

3- Desert beach

Desert beach us located in Lencois Maranhenses National park in Brazil. Every year, due to continuous rain fall floods the national park and this results in beautiful lagoons with fringed white sand, you must visit this place during may to sept, fush can even be spotted during these months.

4- Sun dog

What if you see three suns in the sky..?

Just kidding..! Sun dog actually seems like three suns in the sky but, it is consist of a bright spot on the left and right both sides of the sun making the sky look prominently attractive.

I’ve built a deadly desire to visit and see all of the above mysterious things, which one of them you loved?