15 shocking facts about vitamin D



Are you using toxic lipstick?

Hello beauties! How's everyone? Who doesn't love to wear lipstick? But what if that lipstick is hazardous? I know this question might be concerning you. So people I'm back with another blog which is about toxic lipsticks and how you can differentiate them. This comes from someone Who works in the breast cancer unit at … Continue reading Are you using toxic lipstick?

Things you need to know before watching “The Nun”

The new horror movie “the nun” directed by Corin hardy is already making audiences go sophisticated with its terrifying story. The Nun is not the first movie in which valak has terrifying appearance, the shadowy spirit first appeared in The Conjuring 2 and then appeared in conjuring spin-off. All these three movies are somewhat related … Continue reading Things you need to know before watching “The Nun”