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Mental age vs chronological age

Are we supposed to think according to our age? A question I’ve heard from alot of people. These days people are not free for having their own thoughts. We are always taught to think according to our age. Why is it so substantial to have same mental and physical age?

anonymous thought:
I’m a 25 years old who was always taught to behave according to his age. I wanted to ask people why can’t I live the way I want? I’m happy this way. This is my real self and I don’t want that kid inside me to die. Why do I have to think the way you want?

After thinking about this, I started observing that our society has set standards for everything. And we’re trying our best to fit in those standards or else we’ll be left behind. I’m not saying to stay backward, but we are losing our identity completely. Just to fit in this society, don’t lose your own charm.
Accept yourself the way you are and carry your unique personality confidently rather than walking on others footsteps.
Do not let this society destroy your creative and fun loving mindset. It’s ok to not think according to your age, it’s ok to be mature intellectually than your age, but it’s not ok to disguise yourself just because of this world’s pathetic standards. Stop caring about what people say and think. You should be your first priority. Do not let this world trounce you