How many faces do you have?

So do we know how many faces do we have?
This face we have which is the prettiest of all.
The one we show to the world
The one which is our personal,man made face
We make it, we fake it
For the world to love us.
It is this face through which people know us
We show this side to this entire world
And be confident over it.
The other one
Yes, the other one is the one our closed ones see
It’s the one we unveil for the people we confide in
It’s the true one, not the truest
It shows the hidden sides but not all
It makes them to discover you as much as you want only
It’s the one that has secrets and stories you hide from the world.
It’s still not the real you.
Oh the real you?
It’s the last face, you show to none.
It’s the darkest of all.
This is you, the most concealed side of you
None knows this
You hide it so well from the world
This has all you don’t let anyone know
It’s the one you keep to yourself
And in the hours of isolation you meet yourself
You talk to this very face
And remind yourself about the real you.
And do you know?
None can deny having this side.
Trust me, even you have it.
Yes, even you!

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