Depression /how it kills/ causes /symptoms

Depression is a very common and major disorder (feelings of despondency) it is different from being sad or glumness, we might feel crossed or gloomy sometimes and get sick of our regular routine, and due to some toxic people in our life.

Well! depression makes you feel down, sad,ugly, glumly intensely, not only for just days or weeks but sometimes for years too. Why is it called a serious matter?

Because depression can also lead you to death if you don’t help it within time. It makes people feel unwanted and in some cases they also try to attempt suicide. Sometimes it becomes hard to recognize for people if their mattes are actually depressed or it is just a regular behavior and take the situation lightly, In some cases victims can easily hide their pain inside without letting anyone know what they are going through, killing themselves regularly from inside. They are no less than a corpse, They keep fighting by their own selves for a long period of time and after going through all this they end up dying in agony.

HOW TO KNOW IF SOMEONE IS Going Through Depression?
Here are some of the symptoms that you would find related to a person in depression.

• Feeling detached (no more interactions with people)

• Do not find any activity, your favorite shows or any other thing interesting any more that you loved to do before.

• Sleeping disturbances, it includes insomnia or sleeping way too much

• Reduced appetite or eats too much

• Weight loss without any planned dieting schedule or gains weight without eating too much.

• Feeling lonely and helpless and finding themselves worthless creature, we can also say they genuinely starts hating their own existence.

• Looking in the mirror makes them feel ugly

• Suffers physical pain such as back pain or head aches for no reason.

• Cannot help the situations and fails to explain things.
• Can not realize what is happening in their surroundings.

• Becomes irritated on very small things. In some cases fails in relationship because of relentless behavior.

Over 315 millions of people are suffering from depression all over the world it can be anyone might be some around you as well, from your family, friends, neighbors,relatives or friends of friends.
People suffering from such grievances usually finds it hard to explain their mental condition with others by the fear of being bullied or judged or the fear of being called a psychopath. But let me clear it out being in depression doesn’t mean that you’re week. It happens because of some hard times they’ve gone through and It’s not in human’s hand, Depression is not something to be ashamed of. It is completely fine to be in depression until and unless you’re willing to help your self. Usually parents or victim feel ashamed of asking for counselor’s help. They don’t accept it that they are getting mentally unstable and it requires a counselor in order to get better.

Remember this thing that visiting a counselor doesn’t mean that you are a psychopath.

With the help of above mentioned points if you find someone suffering from depression instead of leaving them on their own, shower them with some love & care be their well wishers and do not take it lightly thinking that they’re overly exaggerating it.None is worthless in this world, Try finding your worth and stay around those people who genuinely care for you.


9 thoughts on “Depression /how it kills/ causes /symptoms

  1. “…Lembre-se disso que visitar um conselheiro não significa que você é um psicopata…”…grande verdade…aqui reside o preconceito e uma das razões pelas quais as pessoas demoram tanto a pedir ajuda…pensar que o Psiquiatra é médico de loucos…e ninguém quer ser louco…rs…é exatamente assim…falando , divulgando, conversando,explicando e tornando o tema mais habitual nas rodas de conversa…que vamos aos poucos…desmistificando este tema tão atual….e necessário…principalmente nos dias de hoje…onde o número de casos é de cair o queixo…Um abraço

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