The potential of a normal human brain

The human brain is the most powerful supercomputer. In many artificial intelligence test it is found that a human brain is 30% more faster and powerful than any fastest super computer, “a human brain is no less than a miracle” it weighed only about 3Ib but still it consumes about 20% of energy our bodies use…Our brain can perform ten quadrillion (10, 000 000 000 000 000) operations *EVERY SECOND* without even letting us know, wild…right?

  • Our brains make our blood flow in our veins with perfect amount of pressure everyday.
  • We don’t command our heart to beat consistently…right? It is our brain that makes our heart beat every second.
  • It maintains the hot & cold temperatures of our body to keep us alive.

It keeps on doing six trillion things tour sixty trillion cells every second.But you know what? The most astonishing myth is a normal human uses only 10% of his brain”it is believed that Albert Einstein used 13% of his brain. But brain-scans have shown that all the areas of brain are active all the time doesn’t matter what one is doing some of the parts may be more active than the others, even during sleep all of the parts of brain does show some level of activity. Now you might be thinking what would happen if someone uses 100% of his brain? The unused ninety percent of our brain is actually capable of exhibiting PSYCHIC POWERS and can be trained to perform PSYCHOKINESIS (there is no scientifically verified body of such evidence yet)….

The actual power of a human brain is just beyond out thoughts it holds the energy to light a bulb.

Our brain is divided in two parts ie: consciousness and sub consciousness, most of us don’t even know that we can also bring our imaginations into reality if we learn to control our subconscious mind.. doesn’t it sound like hard to believe? But if you imagine yourself as a rich and successful person you can actually bring this to reality as well. You must be thinking how would we do that? Let’s learn about it logically, if any thing or a particular thought goes up in your subconscious part of your brain then it changes the vibrations in your body,our body is just a vibration of electron,proton& neutron.. if you close of eyes and stop the thoughts running over your head and just focus on one particular thing or goal that you want to achieve and think about it with closed eyes for about 3-4min daily it helps to make that particular thought meet your subconscious mind and you’ll find yourself at that particular possession where you wanted to be…

If you ever feel worthless then keep these things in your mind that what you can literally achieve just by using your brain in a right way,we all are blessed with equal qualities no one has been blessed with less you just need to know the trick to use your abilities, power and understand His ableness.

There are so many interesting and hard to believe facts about a normal human brain. We’ll be talking about, what would happen if a person use 100% of his brain?and is it possible? If yes then how..? You might’ve these questions stuck in your mind so find your answers in our next blog.

Thanks for reading


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