To-Do list that makes you happy

Hey people! How have you been? Lately I’ve been wondering what are the things that make us happy and after giving it a thought, I enumerated those things that make me actually happy. I’m writing down them with this hope that these points will help you guys too.

  • Praying

I feel alot relieved after praying, no matter from which religion you’re, praying will definitely help you out and will boost your mood.

  • Make or eat something delicious

cooking always makes me happy from inside. Cooking is not always about making food only, it’s about your care, love and effort that you share with others. I sometimes cook for myself at mid night and that makes me happy.

  • listen to your favorite songs

Add some good songs in your list. Trust me, listening good songs can change your mood completely.
Songs have great impact on your mood. I was once listening to brutally sad song and started missing my ex boyfriend although I never had one. So if you’re willing to brighten your mood, listening to sad song is not a good idea.

  • meditate

Meditation is the best way. After meditating you’ll have peace of mind and will see positive change. You should better give it a try. It’s honestly really helpful.

  • Go for a walk

Taking walk and observing nature is a great way to make yourself happy. Staying somewhere near nature makes me extremely happy in reality and helps me to relieve my stress.

  • News?

Ok! I know this one may sound weird but trust me, staying away from news can actually makes you happy. News is full of negativity which makes your mind sick. For a day try to avoid watching news, you’ll find change in yourself.

  • Family outing

Spend your time with your family or loved ones. It can be anyone you’re closed to. Spending time with your loved ones is a great way to make yourself happy.

Life is a bit short to feel upset. Try to find happiness in small things rather than waiting for something big to happen. If you’re having hard time in finding happiness around yourself then try these 7 things, it seriously made me happy and positive.


20 thoughts on “To-Do list that makes you happy

  1. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami AMIE
    Je te souhaite plein de bonnes choses
    La beauté du silence
    La gloire de la lumière
    Le mystère de la pénombre
    La force de la flamme
    Le pouvoir de l’eau
    La douceur de l’air
    La force tranquille de la terre
    L’amour qui se trouve
    aux racines des choses
    Je te souhaite de passer une agréable journée
    Riche de joie et de bonheur et du soleil dans le cœur
    Reçois ce petit câlin……et ce bisou ce matin
    Et aussi ce soir
    Bonne journée et bonne soirée douce nuit

    Liked by 2 people

  2. anne leueen says:

    Staying away from news! this is such a good tip. The news has so many distressing stories about things we have not control over and are powerless to help. The other tips are good too but this one just leapt out at me.

    Liked by 1 person

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