13 rarely known psychological facts

Do you ever wonder what sentiments are hidden behind the irregular human behavior? So, today i am going to share some of the most interesting and rarely know facts.

Let’s see what psychologists say about different behaviors of human.

1) If you have crush on someone your brain tends to ignore his/her flaws just to make them look perfect.

2) If you have a favorite song and you listen to it without getting sick, it means that particular song is emotionally attached to you.

3) It literally takes 4 min for a person to fall in love.

4) People who get bore easily are actually creative.

5) People with best advices are the once with worst problem.

6) If a person laughs a lot, they are actually lonely inside.

7) Most of the people in depressed condition loves to sleep a lot or to eat

8) Weakest people never tear out their sorrows.

9) Writing down your problems in a paper and throwing it in a trash actually tends to improve your mood.

10) Our positive reaction to worst situation has a good impact.

11) The brain of a person who is in LOVE looks similar to the one who is on cocaine

12) If the crush on someone lasts for more than 4 months, it is considered as love.

13) People between age 18 to 33 are the most stressful ones after 33 stress level decrease.


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