5 most common dreams and their interpretation.

Hey everyone! How’s life treating you all?
I’m back with another blog which is about dream and their interpretation. So what are the causes of dream? Brain scientists are not really sure why human dream. they think that it has to do something with memory. According to them dreams are electrical impulse that create some imaginary thoughts from our memory. Alot of time we see dreams that are very life-like, such type of dreams are called vivid dreams.
There are 5 most common type of dreams I’m going to discuss in this blog.

1) falling from Height

It’s a most common type of dream. It’s a symbol of fear. Falling from a high place in your dream shows that you should let go things which are making your life hard and start living your own life.

2) chased by someone

being chased by someone represent a childhood trauma. If you’re being chased by someone of opposite gender, it means that you are afraid of love or relationship.

3) flying

Flying in your dream means that you’re looking for freedom or to get escape from some serious situation.

4) Snakes

Dreaming about snakes shows that you’re dealing with a difficult situation. On the other hand if a snake is shedding it’s skin, it’s a sign of fertility or healing.

5) drowning

Drowning shows that a person is trying to survive on its own. This type of dream can be seen when your mind and thoughts are full of fear and anxiety.

These are the 5 most common types of dreams people often see.


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