Being an introvert

Hey amigos! How are you all? I’m back with my second blog which is about introverts. Firstly I would like to clear some misconceptions about introverts, being an introvert doesn’t mean to be under confident or to have a shy personality. Having a shy personality is completely a different thing. An introvert can be an extremely confident person who is well aware of how to have fun in his life. I’ve seen alot of people classifying introverts as the most humdrum person just because they don’t like to talk to much people but trust me introverts are shockingly jaunty once they are in their comfort zone. Being an introvert myself, I can assure that how fun loving introverts are. They enjoy solitude but whenever they are surrounded by their close once they’re the real environment maker. Although introverts have a small group of friends but they’ve the ability to enjoy in their small circle.
Alot of people think that being an introvert is something atrocious because they lack the ability to face others and hence lack social skills sometimes they are considered as ignorant as well and are forced to become an outcast but the fact is their is nothing wrong in being an introvert and there’s no need to change yourself just because people find you odd. Being an introvert, looking for your comfort zone and being less out going doesn’t make you atrocious instead introverts need to find such people who can understand them completely and can accept them the way they are.
This blog is a shoutout to all the introverts out there. Hoping to see your feedback.


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