To-Do list that makes you happy

Hey people! How have you been? Lately I’ve been wondering what are the things that make us happy and after giving it a thought, I enumerated those things that make me actually happy. I’m writing down them with this hope that these points will help you guys too.

  • Praying

I feel alot relieved after praying, no matter from which religion you’re, praying will definitely help you out and will boost your mood.

  • Make or eat something delicious

cooking always makes me happy from inside. Cooking is not always about making food only, it’s about your care, love and effort that you share with others. I sometimes cook for myself at mid night and that makes me happy.

  • listen to your favorite songs

Add some good songs in your list. Trust me, listening good songs can change your mood completely.
Songs have great impact on your mood. I was once listening to brutally sad song and started missing my ex boyfriend although I never had one. So if you’re willing to brighten your mood, listening to sad song is not a good idea.

  • meditate

Meditation is the best way. After meditating you’ll have peace of mind and will see positive change. You should better give it a try. It’s honestly really helpful.

  • Go for a walk

Taking walk and observing nature is a great way to make yourself happy. Staying somewhere near nature makes me extremely happy in reality and helps me to relieve my stress.

  • News?

Ok! I know this one may sound weird but trust me, staying away from news can actually makes you happy. News is full of negativity which makes your mind sick. For a day try to avoid watching news, you’ll find change in yourself.

  • Family outing

Spend your time with your family or loved ones. It can be anyone you’re closed to. Spending time with your loved ones is a great way to make yourself happy.

Life is a bit short to feel upset. Try to find happiness in small things rather than waiting for something big to happen. If you’re having hard time in finding happiness around yourself then try these 7 things, it seriously made me happy and positive.

13 rarely known psychological facts

Do you ever wonder what sentiments are hidden behind the irregular human behavior? So, today i am going to share some of the most interesting and rarely know facts.

Let’s see what psychologists say about different behaviors of human.

1) If you have crush on someone your brain tends to ignore his/her flaws just to make them look perfect.

2) If you have a favorite song and you listen to it without getting sick, it means that particular song is emotionally attached to you.

3) It literally takes 4 min for a person to fall in love.

4) People who get bore easily are actually creative.

5) People with best advices are the once with worst problem.

6) If a person laughs a lot, they are actually lonely inside.

7) Most of the people in depressed condition loves to sleep a lot or to eat

8) Weakest people never tear out their sorrows.

9) Writing down your problems in a paper and throwing it in a trash actually tends to improve your mood.

10) Our positive reaction to worst situation has a good impact.

11) The brain of a person who is in LOVE looks similar to the one who is on cocaine

12) If the crush on someone lasts for more than 4 months, it is considered as love.

13) People between age 18 to 33 are the most stressful ones after 33 stress level decrease.

5 most common dreams and their interpretation.

Hey everyone! How’s life treating you all?
I’m back with another blog which is about dream and their interpretation. So what are the causes of dream? Brain scientists are not really sure why human dream. they think that it has to do something with memory. According to them dreams are electrical impulse that create some imaginary thoughts from our memory. Alot of time we see dreams that are very life-like, such type of dreams are called vivid dreams.
There are 5 most common type of dreams I’m going to discuss in this blog.

1) falling from Height

It’s a most common type of dream. It’s a symbol of fear. Falling from a high place in your dream shows that you should let go things which are making your life hard and start living your own life.

2) chased by someone

being chased by someone represent a childhood trauma. If you’re being chased by someone of opposite gender, it means that you are afraid of love or relationship.

3) flying

Flying in your dream means that you’re looking for freedom or to get escape from some serious situation.

4) Snakes

Dreaming about snakes shows that you’re dealing with a difficult situation. On the other hand if a snake is shedding it’s skin, it’s a sign of fertility or healing.

5) drowning

Drowning shows that a person is trying to survive on its own. This type of dream can be seen when your mind and thoughts are full of fear and anxiety.

These are the 5 most common types of dreams people often see.

The most mysterious and must visit places in the world

Hello! beautiful people, hope y’alls weekends are going fantastic, if you love to travel and explore places so this blog is for you… i’ll share some of the most mysterious and must visit places in the world, knowing about them you won’t be able to stop yourselves to go and visit them…

So here we go….!

1- Bioluminescence bay

As night falls on some of the beaches around the world, the waves glow with green and blue lights. It is amazing to see water shining and also when you get in and come out shining… there are only five bioluminescence bay in the world, the three of them are located in puerto rico, mosquito bah which is the most popular one located on the south shore of the island of vieques and the last one which is in la parguera.

2- Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis aka northern lights are one if the nature’s most spectacular phenomena, it is one of the amazing light display in the sky that can be observed during winters at night. The places to where you can see northern lights are..

•svalbard, Norway

•kakslauttanen, Finland

•jukksjarvi, Sweden

•Reykjavik, Iceland

•Northern canada

3- Desert beach

Desert beach us located in Lencois Maranhenses National park in Brazil. Every year, due to continuous rain fall floods the national park and this results in beautiful lagoons with fringed white sand, you must visit this place during may to sept, fush can even be spotted during these months.

4- Sun dog

What if you see three suns in the sky..?

Just kidding..! Sun dog actually seems like three suns in the sky but, it is consist of a bright spot on the left and right both sides of the sun making the sky look prominently attractive.

I’ve built a deadly desire to visit and see all of the above mysterious things, which one of them you loved?

Loss around 5-8kg in a month

Hello, folks! Hope ya’ll enjoying your weekends… so here i am back again with something astounding, it is quite challenging to fight with your increasing fats, isn’t it..? Well! Only people with fat belly can get this..

Here is the drink that actually helps you in losing 5-8kg in a month

Orange infused tea

Orange infused tea is a healthy drink that doesn’t only helps to reduce weight but also helps to recover PCOS,cough,breath,thyroid,conceive,uterus,water retention & diabetes

So let’s get started with its preparation …


•4 inch raw turmeric

•1 inch ginger

•Curry leaves (small cup)

•1 tablespoon trachyspermum (Ajwain)

•3 inch cinnamon(wood)


•grind turmeric and ginger

•soak trachyspermum (ajwain) in water for atleast 1 hour before using it.

•use fresh and washed curry leaves


1. Take 1500 ml water (1.5 litter) boil it for around 10 min.

2. As water starts boiling add all above mentioned ingredients into it and boil it for 15-20 min at low flame, now strain out all the solution in a beaker

3. Now set the tea into freezer


* 100 ml early morning with empty stomach

* 100 ml right after 10 min of your lunch

* 100 ml before you go to sleep


•Keep orange infuse tea at room temperature before use

•Slightly heat it before drinking during menstruation.

•You can lose around 5 to 8 kg in one month by drinking it in exactly the same way it is prescribed take measurements of your body parts such as hips, chest, thighs and arm before drinking orange infuse tea, after a month your body will start losing excessive fat.

Being an introvert

Hey amigos! How are you all? I’m back with my second blog which is about introverts. Firstly I would like to clear some misconceptions about introverts, being an introvert doesn’t mean to be under confident or to have a shy personality. Having a shy personality is completely a different thing. An introvert can be an extremely confident person who is well aware of how to have fun in his life. I’ve seen alot of people classifying introverts as the most humdrum person just because they don’t like to talk to much people but trust me introverts are shockingly jaunty once they are in their comfort zone. Being an introvert myself, I can assure that how fun loving introverts are. They enjoy solitude but whenever they are surrounded by their close once they’re the real environment maker. Although introverts have a small group of friends but they’ve the ability to enjoy in their small circle.
Alot of people think that being an introvert is something atrocious because they lack the ability to face others and hence lack social skills sometimes they are considered as ignorant as well and are forced to become an outcast but the fact is their is nothing wrong in being an introvert and there’s no need to change yourself just because people find you odd. Being an introvert, looking for your comfort zone and being less out going doesn’t make you atrocious instead introverts need to find such people who can understand them completely and can accept them the way they are.
This blog is a shoutout to all the introverts out there. Hoping to see your feedback.

It is not impossible


I can hear someone saying,
It is impossible
For the world to change;
I do understand them;
Beliefs and practices
Entrenched for thousands
Of years
Will not just be decimated at a go;
But eventually, it can be done;
And will be done.

The world will change or perish;
Ask me how?
Whoever knew the Berlin Wall
Would one day come down?
Whoever knew
Communism would one day collapse?
Whoever knew the present day
Communication miracle
Was possible?
The seemingly impossible
Is possible;
So, never say it is impossible;
What is impossible?
Nothing is impossible;
The world can change;
The world will change;
We will change the world.
It is a must.

The world must change.
Take it as a resolution;
We cannot continue to have
What we are having;
We are tired of
An evil world;
Where hatred is so dominant;
We want that no more;
Love must prevail;

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The Versatile blogger award

So we have been nominated as the versatile bloggers.
Thank you libarah for nominating us.

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7 interesting facts about us.

  1. I’m pure vegan.
  2. I hate potatoes.
  3. Wakingup early in the morning is a challenge for me.
  4. I’m a street food lover
  5. I love making 3D sketch
  6. My hidden talent is still hidden.
  7. I’m allergic to Lettuce.

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