10 Motivational quotes that makes you tenacious

The sayings of affluent and famous people actually throws a good impact towards the reader and holds an amazing ability to change the way we are, the way we chase our goals and are crucial on our paths to success, only if we tend to act upon them….
Here are 10 best quotes for all time that makes you to have a firm hold on your dreams and helped  me to change my indolent attitude.

1- “Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitation on what can be, have or do”  
~Brainy Tracy
2- “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed  is enough” ~OG Mandino
3- “We generate fears while we sit, we overcome them by action” ~Dr. Henry Link

4- “The only limits to our realizations of tomorrow will be our doubts of today” ~Franklin D. Rooselvelt
5- “Reading is to the mind, as exercise to the body” ~Brainy Tracy
6- “Fake it until you make it, act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality” 
~Brainy Tracy
7- “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” ~Steve Jobs
8- “You can never cross the ocean until you have courage to loss sight of the shore” ~Christopher Columbus
9- “You don’t have to go fast, just have to go” ~Anonymous
10- “Noting is impossible, the word it self says “i’m posssible”! ~Audrey Hepburn


5 must read books for a positive mindset

“Books help us to understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean they show us how to live and die”

~Anne lanott

Do you know? 75% of millionaires/ successful people recommend reading atleast two books a month. Because reading develops mind…understanding the written words is one of the best way to let your mind grow in its ability.

Here are some worth reading books that will change the way you live, think and would help you to set a positive mindset.

1- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

We usually give up on our dreams due to ups and downs. But if we follow them being passionate, the universe is always ready to help us.This book is about a shepherd named santiago who starts his journey with a dream about finding treasure.

2- Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This is the book that will change the way you look at assets and liabilities. It will change the way you look at jobs, money, income etc.. all at once. It summarises how important financial intelligence is.

3- The hope circuit by Martin E.P. Seligman

In this book Martin E.P. Seligman for the first time reveals about his own battle with depression at young age.This book paints a bright future for its readers

4- Your best year ever by Micheal Hyat

(A 5-step plan for achieving your most important Goal)

This is one of the best book anyone is going to read for goal setting and making plans.

5- The wisdom of sundays by Oprah Winfrey

(Life changing insights from super soul conversations)

This book is collection of meaningful conversations of Oprah Winfrey with some of today most admired thought leaders.

Books are known to be a person’s best friend for a reason, the habit of reading books is one of the best quality one can poses. Once you start reading them, you will eventually become addicted to it.

“Once you learn to read you will be forever free”

~Frederick Douglass

Strengthen your bones and make them flexible

It’s never too early to start taking a good care of your bones to keep ‘em healthy and active. For healthy bones make sure that you have enough amount of ‘calcium’ & ‘vitamin D’… vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium from the food we eat. our bones contain 99.5% of calcium that helps to keep osteoporosis at bay and studies prove that women aged 50 or older have a rate of osteoporosis 4 times higher than men, we start to lose bone mass as we turn 30.

So there are some things that you need to restrict and some things to add up in your daily routine for healthy, active and flexible bones…

Things that weakens your bones

Bone loss can also occur without an obvious injury sometimes our bones become fragile and starts losing its mass due to an improper diet and routine..

These are the things that you need to put restrictions on for strong bones.

1. Eating too much salt

2. Not exercising/working out/stretching

3. Too much exercising

4. Spending too much time in front of screen

5. Soda drinks/Alcohol

6. Smoking

7. Not eating fruits/vegetables

8. Having too much caffeine

9. Not having a relaxed mind/ stressed mind

7 ways for strong & flexible bones

1- Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in nutrients and is fortified with vitamin D. Eating a good amount of yogurt everyday boosts up bones health and lowers the risk of osteoporosis

2- Sun light

Sunlight is an important source for stronger bones. Sun helps your skin to make vitamin D, which is essential for absorption of calcium

3- less intake of dairy products/milk

As most of the people think that dairy products such as milk that are rich in calcium and are a good source to strengthen our bones but dairy products are also high in proteins that increases the acidity of blood, the body then pulls calcium out from the blood to neutralise the acid, so new studies show that in taking more dairy products may reduce the bone health and also increases the risk of fractures.

4- Fish/Tuna

Tuna, salmon and other type of fatty fishes holds bone boosting nutrients and are a best choice for healthy bones.

5- Green vegetables

Green veggies like cabbage,kale,collard green and turnip greens are the great choice for calcium intake. One cup of cooked turnip greens has about 300 mg of calcium that completes 20% of your daily goal and green veggies also contain vitamin K that reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

6- Spuds

Magnesium and potassium are rarely known nutrients that are essential for bones health. Eating a baked spud (medium size) with no salt is a healthy choice for your bones, it contains 31mg of magnesium and 542mg of potassium.


Stretching helps to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion, stretching helps to warm up the body and activates muscles, decreases the risk of injury as well as muscle soreness.

Foods that are healthy and taste too good

  • ‘Hello! Beauties’, hope you all are doing well in your lives… so today i am here to share some of the foods that taste like heaven and guess what? They are super healthy for you so satisfy your taste buds without cheating on your diet plan. Because eating healthy should never be boring.Eating healthy foods helps to maintain your body and lets you stay active and eating junk makes you feel lazy. So here are the some foods that would never let you go against your body’s health.
  • 1.Smoothie bowls
  • Smoothies are best! A perfect choice for healthy and yummy breakfast, smoothies are made purely of fruits / Vegetables adding soy milk or non fat dairies into it makes it wonderfully healthy and nutritious
  • 2.Oatmeal

Oatmeal are one of the healthiest grain on earth, oatmeal helps to reduce weight, lowers blood sugar level and also does reduce risk ok heart diseases. 1/2 cup of oatmeal with i cup of water / skim milk provides 150 calories and is a standard serving size of oatmeal

3.Nut butter

Nuts are the part of healthy and a well-balanced diet and so is nut butter too, it is best bang for your buck nutrition. Nut butter is rich in protein, lowers cholesterol and prevents diabetes.

4.Dark chocolates

Are you a chocoholic person? If yes,then don’t hesitate to add dark chocolates in your diet food. It contains more amount of antioxidants than any other known food it helps to improve brain functions, helps to loss weight and dark chocolates may also be a good source for you skin it protects you skin from sun.


Nutrients in fruits are perfect maintenance for your body, eating fruits help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, developing kidney stones and helps to decrease bone loss as you age. Fruits should be a must added thing in your everyday diet plan.

How many faces do you have?

So do we know how many faces do we have?
This face we have which is the prettiest of all.
The one we show to the world
The one which is our personal,man made face
We make it, we fake it
For the world to love us.
It is this face through which people know us
We show this side to this entire world
And be confident over it.
The other one
Yes, the other one is the one our closed ones see
It’s the one we unveil for the people we confide in
It’s the true one, not the truest
It shows the hidden sides but not all
It makes them to discover you as much as you want only
It’s the one that has secrets and stories you hide from the world.
It’s still not the real you.
Oh the real you?
It’s the last face, you show to none.
It’s the darkest of all.
This is you, the most concealed side of you
None knows this
You hide it so well from the world
This has all you don’t let anyone know
It’s the one you keep to yourself
And in the hours of isolation you meet yourself
You talk to this very face
And remind yourself about the real you.
And do you know?
None can deny having this side.
Trust me, even you have it.
Yes, even you!

Review- The One express Peach Perfector

‘Hello! squads’ i’ve been using this lil packet of miracle ‘The One peach perfector’ and couldn’t stop myself to share it with y’all….

This peach perfector fits well on every type of skin and complexion too. It glows on dark complexion to fair complexion. I prefer adding splash amount of my regular moisturizer into it on a normal working day to get a natural and effortless look and after couple of min it sets well and ends up giving a luminous glow to my skin which is due to the presence of ‘micro shimmer’ in it.

You can also use this peach perfector as a daily foundation for an effortless look as it is suitable for day and night look both and completely save to use on an everyday basis.

For party look use a bit of peach perfector on just your cheek bones and then applying blush on it makes your makeup look flawless.

This is in my favorite things’ list now🔐

Failiure is not fatal

Having fear of falling, thinking about the circumstances beforehand , worrying about aftermath will never let you fly. There’s no person in this universe who haven’t come across rejection. We all get refusal and it’s completely ok because getting rejected is not a big deal. We all have become habitual of facing failures in our dailylife. Some gets rejected for an interview, some gets denial of bank loan and some gets rejected by cab drivers but that doesn’t stop us from reaching our destination. How many of us stopped going to our workplace just because some cab driver rejected us? We all try to take another cab without getting discouraged, and at the end we reach our destined place. If you look carefully, this small example of a cab actually plays a huge role in our life. After failing, we become demotivated. Our consciousness try to surpass our capability.It doesn’t let us see that we’ve other opportunities too.

What if you failed repeatedly? Does that mean you can’t try again? How about giving it another chance. Try numerous time until you turn your failure in success. Take risks in trying something different. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing until you try. Life is all about taking chances, only those people who take chances, accomplish something. Do not think that you failed because you are not capable enough, try learning with your failure as we all know that failure is the best teacher.

Henry ford said

  • Failiure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

So that’s about it. I hope you guys get successful on whatever you’re working on. Do not forget that you can do everything and anything until you’re willing to give your best to it.

Depression /how it kills/ causes /symptoms

Depression is a very common and major disorder (feelings of despondency) it is different from being sad or glumness, we might feel crossed or gloomy sometimes and get sick of our regular routine, and due to some toxic people in our life.

Well! depression makes you feel down, sad,ugly, glumly intensely, not only for just days or weeks but sometimes for years too. Why is it called a serious matter?

Because depression can also lead you to death if you don’t help it within time. It makes people feel unwanted and in some cases they also try to attempt suicide. Sometimes it becomes hard to recognize for people if their mattes are actually depressed or it is just a regular behavior and take the situation lightly, In some cases victims can easily hide their pain inside without letting anyone know what they are going through, killing themselves regularly from inside. They are no less than a corpse, They keep fighting by their own selves for a long period of time and after going through all this they end up dying in agony.

HOW TO KNOW IF SOMEONE IS Going Through Depression?
Here are some of the symptoms that you would find related to a person in depression.

• Feeling detached (no more interactions with people)

• Do not find any activity, your favorite shows or any other thing interesting any more that you loved to do before.

• Sleeping disturbances, it includes insomnia or sleeping way too much

• Reduced appetite or eats too much

• Weight loss without any planned dieting schedule or gains weight without eating too much.

• Feeling lonely and helpless and finding themselves worthless creature, we can also say they genuinely starts hating their own existence.

• Looking in the mirror makes them feel ugly

• Suffers physical pain such as back pain or head aches for no reason.

• Cannot help the situations and fails to explain things.
• Can not realize what is happening in their surroundings.

• Becomes irritated on very small things. In some cases fails in relationship because of relentless behavior.

Over 315 millions of people are suffering from depression all over the world it can be anyone might be some around you as well, from your family, friends, neighbors,relatives or friends of friends.
People suffering from such grievances usually finds it hard to explain their mental condition with others by the fear of being bullied or judged or the fear of being called a psychopath. But let me clear it out being in depression doesn’t mean that you’re week. It happens because of some hard times they’ve gone through and It’s not in human’s hand, Depression is not something to be ashamed of. It is completely fine to be in depression until and unless you’re willing to help your self. Usually parents or victim feel ashamed of asking for counselor’s help. They don’t accept it that they are getting mentally unstable and it requires a counselor in order to get better.

Remember this thing that visiting a counselor doesn’t mean that you are a psychopath.

With the help of above mentioned points if you find someone suffering from depression instead of leaving them on their own, shower them with some love & care be their well wishers and do not take it lightly thinking that they’re overly exaggerating it.None is worthless in this world, Try finding your worth and stay around those people who genuinely care for you.

The potential of a normal human brain

The human brain is the most powerful supercomputer. In many artificial intelligence test it is found that a human brain is 30% more faster and powerful than any fastest super computer, “a human brain is no less than a miracle” it weighed only about 3Ib but still it consumes about 20% of energy our bodies use…Our brain can perform ten quadrillion (10, 000 000 000 000 000) operations *EVERY SECOND* without even letting us know, wild…right?

  • Our brains make our blood flow in our veins with perfect amount of pressure everyday.
  • We don’t command our heart to beat consistently…right? It is our brain that makes our heart beat every second.
  • It maintains the hot & cold temperatures of our body to keep us alive.

It keeps on doing six trillion things tour sixty trillion cells every second.But you know what? The most astonishing myth is a normal human uses only 10% of his brain”it is believed that Albert Einstein used 13% of his brain. But brain-scans have shown that all the areas of brain are active all the time doesn’t matter what one is doing some of the parts may be more active than the others, even during sleep all of the parts of brain does show some level of activity. Now you might be thinking what would happen if someone uses 100% of his brain? The unused ninety percent of our brain is actually capable of exhibiting PSYCHIC POWERS and can be trained to perform PSYCHOKINESIS (there is no scientifically verified body of such evidence yet)….

The actual power of a human brain is just beyond out thoughts it holds the energy to light a bulb.

Our brain is divided in two parts ie: consciousness and sub consciousness, most of us don’t even know that we can also bring our imaginations into reality if we learn to control our subconscious mind.. doesn’t it sound like hard to believe? But if you imagine yourself as a rich and successful person you can actually bring this to reality as well. You must be thinking how would we do that? Let’s learn about it logically, if any thing or a particular thought goes up in your subconscious part of your brain then it changes the vibrations in your body,our body is just a vibration of electron,proton& neutron.. if you close of eyes and stop the thoughts running over your head and just focus on one particular thing or goal that you want to achieve and think about it with closed eyes for about 3-4min daily it helps to make that particular thought meet your subconscious mind and you’ll find yourself at that particular possession where you wanted to be…

If you ever feel worthless then keep these things in your mind that what you can literally achieve just by using your brain in a right way,we all are blessed with equal qualities no one has been blessed with less you just need to know the trick to use your abilities, power and understand His ableness.

There are so many interesting and hard to believe facts about a normal human brain. We’ll be talking about, what would happen if a person use 100% of his brain?and is it possible? If yes then how..? You might’ve these questions stuck in your mind so find your answers in our next blog.

Thanks for reading

To-Do list that makes you happy

Hey people! How have you been? Lately I’ve been wondering what are the things that make us happy and after giving it a thought, I enumerated those things that make me actually happy. I’m writing down them with this hope that these points will help you guys too.

  • Praying

I feel alot relieved after praying, no matter from which religion you’re, praying will definitely help you out and will boost your mood.

  • Make or eat something delicious

cooking always makes me happy from inside. Cooking is not always about making food only, it’s about your care, love and effort that you share with others. I sometimes cook for myself at mid night and that makes me happy.

  • listen to your favorite songs

Add some good songs in your list. Trust me, listening good songs can change your mood completely.
Songs have great impact on your mood. I was once listening to brutally sad song and started missing my ex boyfriend although I never had one. So if you’re willing to brighten your mood, listening to sad song is not a good idea.

  • meditate

Meditation is the best way. After meditating you’ll have peace of mind and will see positive change. You should better give it a try. It’s honestly really helpful.

  • Go for a walk

Taking walk and observing nature is a great way to make yourself happy. Staying somewhere near nature makes me extremely happy in reality and helps me to relieve my stress.

  • News?

Ok! I know this one may sound weird but trust me, staying away from news can actually makes you happy. News is full of negativity which makes your mind sick. For a day try to avoid watching news, you’ll find change in yourself.

  • Family outing

Spend your time with your family or loved ones. It can be anyone you’re closed to. Spending time with your loved ones is a great way to make yourself happy.

Life is a bit short to feel upset. Try to find happiness in small things rather than waiting for something big to happen. If you’re having hard time in finding happiness around yourself then try these 7 things, it seriously made me happy and positive.

13 rarely known psychological facts

Do you ever wonder what sentiments are hidden behind the irregular human behavior? So, today i am going to share some of the most interesting and rarely know facts.

Let’s see what psychologists say about different behaviors of human.

1) If you have crush on someone your brain tends to ignore his/her flaws just to make them look perfect.

2) If you have a favorite song and you listen to it without getting sick, it means that particular song is emotionally attached to you.

3) It literally takes 4 min for a person to fall in love.

4) People who get bore easily are actually creative.

5) People with best advices are the once with worst problem.

6) If a person laughs a lot, they are actually lonely inside.

7) Most of the people in depressed condition loves to sleep a lot or to eat

8) Weakest people never tear out their sorrows.

9) Writing down your problems in a paper and throwing it in a trash actually tends to improve your mood.

10) Our positive reaction to worst situation has a good impact.

11) The brain of a person who is in LOVE looks similar to the one who is on cocaine

12) If the crush on someone lasts for more than 4 months, it is considered as love.

13) People between age 18 to 33 are the most stressful ones after 33 stress level decrease.

Things successful people never do

So I’m back with another blog which is about the things successful people never do. Here it goes.

1) make mistakes repeatedly
Successful people are the type who never makes same mistake again.They learn from their mistakes and do not do those things again which will cause them harm.

2) lose hope
Hope plays an essential role in our life. If you want to get successful, you need to gatherup all your courage and hope. Successful people never lose hope no matter how devastating their life gets, they always find a ray of hope which do not let them drown.

3) scared of flying:
If you’re scared of flying, you can never become successful. Successful people dream big and work hard to achieve their dreams. they do take risk to fulfill their dreams and give their best to it without thinking about circumstances.

4)people pleaser
Successful people never try to please others.They are well aware of the fact that not everyone will have same opinion as they’ve and they respect that. They don’t believe in pleasing everyone and so they don’t change their self just to please others.

5)forget their blessings
This is the most important point out of all these 5. Successful people never complain and are always grateful of what they’ve. They don’t ask for more and more as well as they’re well aware that whatever they’ve is more than enough.

Lastly I’ll say that being successful doesn’t mean to have alot of money or to own buildings. then what does being successful mean?
Being successful means dreaming and giving your best to it. Being able to learn, to help others, being ambitious, having peace of mind and being grateful of what you’ve these are the traits of a successful person. If you’ve these traits then you’re definitely a successful person who’s living his life at the best so do not change yourself because of this world’s poignant standards. There must be alot of people who criticize you but there must be someon who’s cheering on you. Try to find positive vibes around yourself, and do not lose hope.
Cheerup people! ♥

5 most common dreams and their interpretation.

Hey everyone! How’s life treating you all?
I’m back with another blog which is about dream and their interpretation. So what are the causes of dream? Brain scientists are not really sure why human dream. they think that it has to do something with memory. According to them dreams are electrical impulse that create some imaginary thoughts from our memory. Alot of time we see dreams that are very life-like, such type of dreams are called vivid dreams.
There are 5 most common type of dreams I’m going to discuss in this blog.

1) falling from Height

It’s a most common type of dream. It’s a symbol of fear. Falling from a high place in your dream shows that you should let go things which are making your life hard and start living your own life.

2) chased by someone

being chased by someone represent a childhood trauma. If you’re being chased by someone of opposite gender, it means that you are afraid of love or relationship.

3) flying

Flying in your dream means that you’re looking for freedom or to get escape from some serious situation.

4) Snakes

Dreaming about snakes shows that you’re dealing with a difficult situation. On the other hand if a snake is shedding it’s skin, it’s a sign of fertility or healing.

5) drowning

Drowning shows that a person is trying to survive on its own. This type of dream can be seen when your mind and thoughts are full of fear and anxiety.

These are the 5 most common types of dreams people often see.

The most mysterious and must visit places in the world

Hello! beautiful people, hope y’alls weekends are going fantastic, if you love to travel and explore places so this blog is for you… i’ll share some of the most mysterious and must visit places in the world, knowing about them you won’t be able to stop yourselves to go and visit them…

So here we go….!

1- Bioluminescence bay

As night falls on some of the beaches around the world, the waves glow with green and blue lights. It is amazing to see water shining and also when you get in and come out shining… there are only five bioluminescence bay in the world, the three of them are located in puerto rico, mosquito bah which is the most popular one located on the south shore of the island of vieques and the last one which is in la parguera.

2- Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis aka northern lights are one if the nature’s most spectacular phenomena, it is one of the amazing light display in the sky that can be observed during winters at night. The places to where you can see northern lights are..

•svalbard, Norway

•kakslauttanen, Finland

•jukksjarvi, Sweden

•Reykjavik, Iceland

•Northern canada

3- Desert beach

Desert beach us located in Lencois Maranhenses National park in Brazil. Every year, due to continuous rain fall floods the national park and this results in beautiful lagoons with fringed white sand, you must visit this place during may to sept, fush can even be spotted during these months.

4- Sun dog

What if you see three suns in the sky..?

Just kidding..! Sun dog actually seems like three suns in the sky but, it is consist of a bright spot on the left and right both sides of the sun making the sky look prominently attractive.

I’ve built a deadly desire to visit and see all of the above mysterious things, which one of them you loved?

Loss around 5-8kg in a month

Hello, folks! Hope ya’ll enjoying your weekends… so here i am back again with something astounding, it is quite challenging to fight with your increasing fats, isn’t it..? Well! Only people with fat belly can get this..

Here is the drink that actually helps you in losing 5-8kg in a month

Orange infused tea

Orange infused tea is a healthy drink that doesn’t only helps to reduce weight but also helps to recover PCOS,cough,breath,thyroid,conceive,uterus,water retention & diabetes

So let’s get started with its preparation …


•4 inch raw turmeric

•1 inch ginger

•Curry leaves (small cup)

•1 tablespoon trachyspermum (Ajwain)

•3 inch cinnamon(wood)


•grind turmeric and ginger

•soak trachyspermum (ajwain) in water for atleast 1 hour before using it.

•use fresh and washed curry leaves


1. Take 1500 ml water (1.5 litter) boil it for around 10 min.

2. As water starts boiling add all above mentioned ingredients into it and boil it for 15-20 min at low flame, now strain out all the solution in a beaker

3. Now set the tea into freezer


* 100 ml early morning with empty stomach

* 100 ml right after 10 min of your lunch

* 100 ml before you go to sleep


•Keep orange infuse tea at room temperature before use

•Slightly heat it before drinking during menstruation.

•You can lose around 5 to 8 kg in one month by drinking it in exactly the same way it is prescribed take measurements of your body parts such as hips, chest, thighs and arm before drinking orange infuse tea, after a month your body will start losing excessive fat.

Being an introvert

Hey amigos! How are you all? I’m back with my second blog which is about introverts. Firstly I would like to clear some misconceptions about introverts, being an introvert doesn’t mean to be under confident or to have a shy personality. Having a shy personality is completely a different thing. An introvert can be an extremely confident person who is well aware of how to have fun in his life. I’ve seen alot of people classifying introverts as the most humdrum person just because they don’t like to talk to much people but trust me introverts are shockingly jaunty once they are in their comfort zone. Being an introvert myself, I can assure that how fun loving introverts are. They enjoy solitude but whenever they are surrounded by their close once they’re the real environment maker. Although introverts have a small group of friends but they’ve the ability to enjoy in their small circle.
Alot of people think that being an introvert is something atrocious because they lack the ability to face others and hence lack social skills sometimes they are considered as ignorant as well and are forced to become an outcast but the fact is their is nothing wrong in being an introvert and there’s no need to change yourself just because people find you odd. Being an introvert, looking for your comfort zone and being less out going doesn’t make you atrocious instead introverts need to find such people who can understand them completely and can accept them the way they are.
This blog is a shoutout to all the introverts out there. Hoping to see your feedback.

The Versatile blogger award

So we have been nominated as the versatile bloggers.
Thank you libarah for nominating us.

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7 interesting facts about us.

  1. I’m pure vegan.
  2. I hate potatoes.
  3. Wakingup early in the morning is a challenge for me.
  4. I’m a street food lover
  5. I love making 3D sketch
  6. My hidden talent is still hidden.
  7. I’m allergic to Lettuce.

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